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  • Hair loss treatment results
    DIP natural hair loss treatment DIP® is the latest development in the treatment of hair loss. Pioneered by Haarklinikken, the Density Improvement Program is a combination of FUE hair transplantation and an individualized treatment using extract therapy. DIP natural hair loss treatment
    Hair loss & restoration test

    Hair Loss Treatment in UAE

    If you are concerned about thinning hair or losing your hair, you have two choices.
    1. You can sit back and watch your hair fall out until you go bald, or
    2. You can get effective, personalized treatment from Haarklinikken, the world leader in hair restoration science.

    Haarklinikken Hair Restoration is internationally renowned for treating hair loss and delivering real results that restore hair and scalp vitality. In 35 years Haarklinikken has helped 20,000+ [elsewhere says 42,000] happy clients worldwide to stop their hair loss and start loving their hair again. Haarklinikken offers two treatment modalities, either individually or in combination. To revitalize existing hair, we prescribe a regimen of our exclusive natural herbal extract products.? These shampoos, tonics and styling aides work naturally to improve hair density and scalp health. ?Those with more serious hair loss are treated with Hair Transplantation surgery using Haarklinikkens highly effective Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method.

    Unlike some hair loss treatments that target only men, Haarklinikken offers advanced, fully customized treatment regimens for women and for men with a variety of hair types and hair conditions.? What all of our clients seek ? and fully deserve ? is relief from their thinning hair. And thats what Haarklinikken delivers.

    You may have tried other methods and been disappointed. Theres good reason why Haarklinikken is the world leader in hair restoration science. We do not treat hair loss with drugs. We do not sell off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-every-scalp products. Each persons hair, scalp, hereditary, physiology and environmental factors make their condition and prognosis for hair restoration unique.? That is why Haarklinkkken prescribes each clients treatment regimen based on a personalized hair/scalp analysis.? As a client accepted into the Haarklinikken program, your specific hair restoration treatment will be custom prescribed for you and only you! Your therapy may involve one or more all natural herbal extract therapies. It may include custom hair transplantation using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technology .Or you may respond best to Haarklinikkens patented Density Improvement Program (DIP), which combines hair transplantation with an individually formulated topical treatment plan. All aspects of your Haarklinikken treatment plan are tailored based on your hair restoration goals, your current loss pattern/scalp condition, and your willingness to follow the easy instructions of your Haarklinikken treatment specialist. When we say fully customized, we mean the actual composition of each therapy element as well as treatment duration and intensity.

    Start today to stop hair loss and restore your hair to vibrancy.

    The first step to restoring your hair to vibrant vitality is a FREE assessment with a Haarklinikken Hair Restoration Professional.? Start by completing our brief Hair Loss Test. You can calculate your results instantly right online. Your answers will help our treatment specialists to evaluate your hair, your current scalp condition and your prognosis for hair vitality. We dont accept everyone for treatment ? only those we know will see substantial improvement using our hair loss treatment methods.

    Remember, your initial examination is complimentary. Theres no fee and no obligation to have your condition assessed and to talk to a Haarklinikken Hair Loss Treatment Specialist.? Why wait to find more hair in your comb or on the shower floor? Why suffer another day with thinning hair or itchy scalp? Find out if youre a good candidate for Haarklinikken hair restoration treatment. Were here to answer all your questions about our individually formulated hair restoration herbal extract therapy, our FUE method hair transplantation method and our powerful Density Improvement Program.

    Our goal is to solve your problem in the least invasive, most comfortable way possible. Many Haarklinikken clients do so well with extract therapy they dont ever need surgical hair transplantation!