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Meet the best hair transplant doctors of Haarklinikken clinic Dubai. Worlds best known hair loss treatment doctors with self developed density improvement program which involves hair transplantation and natural hair restoration treatment for hair loss.

Lars SkjothLars Skjoth, Founder & CEO
Head of scientific research and product development

Lars Skjoth, the founder of Haarklinikken, established the first Haarklinikken clinic in Denmark in 1978. Skjoth is a scientist in human nutrition and biochemistry. He developed DIP treatment system to treat androgenetic alopecia and physiological hair loss. Since then, Haarklinikken has successfully treated more than 42,000 clients in clinics in Denmark, Germany, the United States, and Dubai. Skjoth is a key speaker in many events regarding hair loss and hair loss prevention and has published many articles in both national and international magazines. As a scientist, he has developed a range of hair restoration products that are individually customized for the hair and scalp. All of his products are natural, based on extensive research and thorough clinical trials.
Currently residing in Dubai, Skjoth is managing the newly established Haarklinikken clinic Dubai.
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Dr. Panos VasiloudesDr. Panos Vasiloudes, MD, PhD, FAAD, FAAP, FASMS
Dr.Panos Vasiloudes, MD, PhD is an expert in the field of dermatology. His experience and understanding in the mechanisms of hair loss and clinical aspects of alopecia is a valuable contribution to the Haarklinikken team. Dr. Vasiloudes has partnered with Skjoth to establish premiere hair restoration facility in Tampa and Dubai UAE. He is the medical director at Haarklinikken Dubai and provides expert medical consultations for customized treatments.
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