Hair loss causes you might not expect

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If you are looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to your hair, here are a few possible reasons for the loss.  Identifying the specific causes of your hair loss is the first step when determining the best Dubai Hair Restoration method you should use.

• Poor nutrition – a well balanced diet plays and important role in the health of your hair. An adequate amount of iron and protein are especially important.

• Not being gentle with your hair – whenever possible let your hair air dry. Excessive heat from hair dryers and other styling tools can do excessive damage to your hair.

• Tight hair styles – ponytails, headbands, braids and buns put stress on the scalp and individual strands. Excessive pulling of the hair from these styles can cause scarring on the scalp.

• Hair treatments – the chemicals we use to straighten, tint, dye and bleach our hair cause the hair to become damaged and break off if overused.

• Over styling – excessive styling and brushing can cause the hair to fall out if the shaft becomes damaged.

• Compulsive touching – constantly twisting, pulling or rubbing.

• Scalp infections – if you are using shampoos for what you think is dandruff and it isn’t working you may have an infection. There are various types of fungal infections that can cause an infection. These are typically treated with an antifungal medication.

• Hormonal changes – pregnancy, childbirth, the onset of menopause, change in birth control pills and an overactive or underactive thyroid gland are some causes of the fluctuation of hormone levels. During a hormonal change it can take up to three months to for the hair loss to occur and then another three months for new growth. The correction of hormonal imbalances can help stabilize hair loss.

• Medical treatments – radiation and chemotherapy can affect healthy growing hairs. Typically as your treatment ends your hair begins to grow.

• Disease – various diseases can cause hair loss. Lupus and diabetes are two diseases that hair loss is associated with.

• Medications – birth control pills, drugs used to treat gout, heart problems, high blood pressure, depression and arthritis can cause hair loss in some people. If you are planning on seeing a doctor regarding your hair loss, remember to bring a list of all your medications and dosages so that the doctor can evaluate all of the possible underlying reasons for your hair loss.

Consulting with an experienced Dubai hair loss treatment specialist will help diagnosis your situation. There are various options for treatments for hair loss. If you choose to pursue treatment, be prepared for your appointment with your list of medications, symptoms you are experiencing, life changes you have recently experienced and family history. All of this information will help your doctor formulate the appropriate treatment plan for you. It is important to see a specialist sooner than later.  Advanced stages of hair loss typically have fewer treatment options.  In these cases, hair transplantation, is often the only option.


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