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Haarklinikken’s hair loss treatment process involves using a variety of extract-based hair restoration products, all of which are available at Haarklinikken’s newest hair care clinic in Dubai. Applying these personal products is an important part of the Haarklinikken Density Improvement Program (DIP), which has been employed by thousands of clients all over the world. This hair loss treatment approach is carried out by using products that have been custom-made for each individual client.


Haarklinikken hair restoration and treatment products include a customized extract derived from pro-hair growth plant derivatives and fatty acids. Other topical offerings include shampoo and conditioner, as well as a variety of styling products such as a gel, styling wax, and hair spray. These hair loss treatment products are all available at their local clinic.

Improving hair quality

The Haarklinikken hair restoration brand is internationally known not just for treating hair loss but many other scalp disorders as well. Suitable for use by both men and women, these products help to treat dandruff, fungus, irritation, and dryness, among other conditions. This Haarklinikken product line has been formulated specifically to enhance the quality of an individual’s hair, which may be damaged due to poor diet, genetics, hormones, age, and combinations of these factors.

Home-based treatment

Clients in the Dubai area looking for a hair treatment program should schedule a meeting with a Haarklinikken hair clinician. Together, the client and clinician can develop a treatment plan that is appropriate and effective for meeting the hair care and hair restoration needs of each client. Haarklinikken clinicians provide our clients with the necessary directions and training required to perform this treatment regimen at home.

Treatments may vary

Typical treatments usually involve extracts made from plant derivatives and fatty acids that are applied to the scalp along with a specially formulated shampoo. This customized treatment plan addresses each client’s specific needs with respect to thinning, hair loss, and overall scalp health. This customization results in the creation of treatment plans that vary from client to client, with certain products and formulations emphasized over others, thus addressing specific hair and scalp health problems. In severe cases, Haarklinikken may recommend hair transplantation surgery.

Visible results within 90 days

Customers treating hair loss or specific scalp conditions normally see results in as few as 90 days.

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