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Herbal extract for hair regrowth mesotherapy

Effective hair restoration begins with Haarklinikken Dubai.

Hair Restoration is science-based therapy aimed at improving the health and density of existing hair. It also targets the scalp to treat both thinning hair/hair loss and medical scalp conditions. Haarklinikken, Dubai offers an all-natural approach to hair restoration therapy with our custom-formulated herbal extract products. There are no harsh chemicals in our plant-based extractions. We do not prescribe or recommend pharmaceuticals (either topical or ingested) because our 35 years of experience have shown that nature is the best healer. Our treatments are gentle, stimulating yet soothing, and very, very effective.

Haarklinikken is well known throughout Europe and the world for innovative and effective hair loss technologies. Haarklinikken has decades of hair restoration success with both women and men. Our hair restoration products also treat scalp conditions and disorders from dandruff and scalp irritation to chronic irritation and fungal infections.

This amazingly powerful, proven European hair restoration system is available to you locally through the Haarklinikken Dubai Clinic.

What is causing your hair to thin?

Hair and scalp health can be affected by many factors. Some conditions and predispositions to baldness are genetic. Other problems can be caused or exacerbated by hormone fluctuations, by proper (or improper) diet, by overusing heat or chemicals on your hair, or simply by advancing age. Our hair restoration system works by identifying the underlying causes of your hair and scalp condition and targeting for results.
Haarklinikkens complimentary hair/scalp analysis will help us pinpoint the cause(s) of your hair distress. Well then prescribe a tailored regimen of hair restoration therapies to combat your problem. In many cases Haarklinikkens herbal extract products alone are enough to restore a persons hair and scalp to vitality. For other clients, we recommend the Haarklinikken DIP (Density Improvement Program). DIP combines hair restoration therapy with hair transplantation to counter and correct more severe hair loss issues.

Hair Restoration Extract Lab

Custom Formulated Hair Restoration

Natural herbal extracts for scalp and hair quality and health

Haarklinikken is proud to offer its line of herbal extract products for hair restoration. These all-natural products are specially formulated to target scalp health and thinning hair. They naturally increase hair density and improve hair vitality with no harmful residues or chemicals. Haarklinikkens powerful topical treatments are formulated using fatty acids and plant derivatives. The healing power comes from applying our advanced science using all natural ingredients. The result is Haarklinikkens exclusive herbal extract hair restoration therapy: the natural way to pump up (and plump up) the volume of your hair and treat unsightly scalp problems, too!

Like all Haarklinikken hair loss treatments, our hair restoration herbal therapy formulations are fully customized to each client. Our herbal-based hair restoration products provide natural, powerful therapy to combat a variety of scalp conditions, as well as thinning hair and hair loss of various types and severities. Our proprietary- ingredient formulations have been developed through 50 years of clinical study. They include BCB and PH shampoo, Balsam extract, styling gel containing Aloe Vera, and hair sprays containing perfume and preservative. Each of these ingredients is used for different purposes and at different times as prescribed by Haarklinikken.

Visible results in 90 days

One of the greatest benefits of our herbal extract therapy is seeing it work on your own hair. On average, Haarklinikken clients notice visible improvement in their hair loss and/or scalp condition within 90 days of beginning treatment.

Improve Hair Health and Density the Natural Way

Your Haarklinikken Hair Restoration Professional will formulate the herbal extract treatment regimen thats right for you. Your hair restoration treatment plan may include one, two, or more of these product types:

  • Herbal extract shampoos and conditioners
  • Herbal extract styling gel and styling wax
  • Herbal extract hairspray
  • Herbal extract scalp treatments

Based on the results of your complimentary hair/scalp analysis, your Haarklinikken Hair Restoration Professional will recommend a treatment plan and prescribe specific Haarklinikken products. Our herbal extract therapy products are so gentle and easy to use, youll think youre using high end salon hair care products. Except our products arent just good for your hair theyre powerfully therapeutic, too!

Well teach you how to apply each product correctly. After that, youll continue your treatment regimen in the comfort of your own home. Haarklinikken will monitor and adjust your treatment regimen/intensity as you see more and more improvement. Let Haarklinikkens clinical expertise guide your personal commitment . Together, we can work hair restoration magic.

Is Haarklinikken natural hair restoration for you?

Find out whats causing your hair loss/scalp condition. Trust Haarklinikken to customize a natural, herbal extract-based solution to treat it. You may be a perfect candidate for our all-natural hair restoration therapy. Or your condition may be better treated with hair transplantation or our powerful DIP therapy. Either way, the answer to your thinning hair is within reach.

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