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If you’re interested in improving the health of your, chances are you’ve probably already spoken with your stylist, and most likely also searched the Internet. At best you’ve probably received conflicting advice. While hairstylists are certainly knowledgeable about hair, and the proper methods of caring for hair, they’re not therapists. The Internet, on the other hand, can actually recommend harmful or dangerous home remedies that can permanently damage your scalp and cause irreparable hair loss. At best you may find a mildly beneficial remedy, but most likely you’ll simply end up walking around for a few hours with a combination of egg household spices in your hair, and ultimately just end up smelling funny for a few days.

For this reason, it’s essential to speak with someone knowledgeable, such as a Haarklinikken Hair Restoration expert. The following steps are all recommended and condoned by most therapists. They are helpful, healthy, beneficial to your hair, and most importantly don’t involve bizarre rituals or questionable home remedies. Quality is key when seeking hair loss treatment products.

The first thing you should consider is your diet, and if you are vegetarian, or vegan, there are special considerations for you to get enough protein:

  • be sure to drink enough water, at least six 8 ounce glasses per day
  • take vitamin A, as this improves blood flow and helps to stimulate the scalp
  • be sure to get enough protein (especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan)
  • be sure to take several B vitamin complexes, as supplements or through dietary means
  • eat crunchy fruits and vegetables – they are filled with essential vitamins
  • make sure you have enough copper, iron, and zinc in your diet
  • be sure you’re consuming enough healthy fats in your diet:
    • Omegas 3, from fish
    • Omega 6, from cold pressed rapeseed oil
    • Omega 9, from cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
    • avoid significant and stressful weight loss programs

Next we’ll look at styling. Everyone likes to have a good cut, but there are important considerations when styling your hair. Improper methods can do more harm than good. You do not want a great hairstyle to be the reason you seek out Hair Transplants. Always consider the following when styling your hair:

  • make sure you regularly receive a proper haircut
  • avoid using hot air to dry your hair, it can slow or prevent new hair growth
  • avoid hair extensions which can damage your scalp, causing irreversible hair loss
  • be sure any styling products you use are applied to your hair, not your scalp
  • use caution when coloring your hair improper application of coloring can accelerate hair loss

These are just a few suggestions and tips you can use to care for your hair. For the best and most up-to-date recommendations, contact a hair therapist at Haarklinikken, and be sure to get their recommendation before your next style appointment. If you would like a free consultation from a specialist or are seeking Tampa Hair Transplants, please just fill out the consult request form on this site.

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