An overview of FUE hair transplantation

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Haarklinikken has worked to perfect a process of hair transplantation known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE.  We believe this process provides the best, most natural results with a minimal amount of scarring. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of FUE hair transplantation and hopefully answer some of the common questions people have about the process.

Today, the FUE method of hair transplant is an advanced and preferred method for extracting hair follicles and transplanting them to recipient sites for hair restoration purposes. FUE, which means follicular unit extraction, is often preferred by patients as the updated procedure for hair transplant reaps natural-looking results, minimal scarring, and does not necessitate the use of stitches.

So, what, precisely, is a follicular unit? A follicular unit typically consists of one to four or more hairs. In the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, follicular units are grafted from the donor area separately. In most cases, the donor area consists of the sides and back of the scalp. However, hair can also be removed from the chest or one’s beard as well. Therefore, for patients who have limited hairs at the sides and back of the scalp, FUE offers them a chance, in many cases, to obtain a hair transplant – an opportunity that would not be available using other surgical techniques.

In addition, the FUE method can be used to camouflage scars from traditional transplant or the FUT method, otherwise known as follicular unit transplant. The FUT method of harvesting hair involves taking a long, thin strip of scalp and dissecting the follicles separately with the use of a visual aid, such as a stereo microscope. Therefore, scarring is more visible and stitching is part of the process. With the FUE method, a very fine needled instrument is used to make incisions for grafting – a careful, painstaking process that does not leave a notable scar or requires stitching.

When FUE is performed, very little skin is removed in addition to the follicle. As a result, the scars that develop are exceptionally small and are hardly, if ever, noted. In turn, there is no post-operative stitching either. Not only that, hair can be extracted from other areas of the body besides the back and sides of the head. Nevertheless, make sure you to choose donor hairs from areas that can be camouflaged or hidden with either hair or clothes.

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