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Natural remedies for hair loss

Are there any real natural remedies that can fix your hair fall? There might not be ready-made natural remedies for hair loss but, a nutritious diet may save your hair from thinning out. Ultimately, your body is nourished by what you eat, and how you take care of your body amounts to your total well-being! Same applies to hair! A nutrient-deprived diet and a lax attitude to hair can make you bald gradually, although other factors like heredity, medicine-side effects, medical conditions etc. cannot be neglected. But, you can ward off a lot of your hair problems by eating healthy and looking after your hair.

Hair nutrients and natural remedies


Protein component in a diet is essential to body growth and hair growth as well. Meat, fish or egg is not the only source of it. For the hardcore veggies there are options like nuts, beans, whole grains with legumes, quinoa etc. See to it that your protein intake per day does not dwindle.


Including a long list of vitamins in your diet is not needed to prevent hair fall, if you want to then it is good. Vitamins that can cast a magic spell on hair fall are Vitamins A, C, B and E. You can get vitamin A from green leafy vegetables, carrot, sweet potatoes, eggs etc. Vitamin B-complex enhances the regulation of blood and it is a nutrient you should not miss out. You can get it from grains, cereals and B-Complex supplements. Vitamin C helps in blood circulation and it prevents hair breakage. This vitamin is available in fruits and leafy vegetables like spinach. Vitamin E is another important nutrient for hair growth as it helps in the growth of new hair.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Almost all marine products are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This controls inflammation to a large extent and gifts you a healthy scalp.


Hair loss may happen if your body lacks zinc component. But, hearing zinc you do not have to worry about its availability. Oysters are rich in zinc. Include it in your diet and get a glosser hair.

The hard part of categorizing natural remedies for hair loss according to the nutrients is that there are many other nutrients like iron, vitamin- B5, antioxidants etc, which contribute to the health of your hair to a considerable degree. Therefore, it is recommended you include whole grains, pulses, green leafy vegetables, fruits etc in a good part of your diet and feel relieved of hair fall. Other methods that you can incorporate along with your diet are application of oils (coconut, almond, jojoba etc) once or twice in a week, massaging of the scalp, yoga and gentle exercises to reduce tension, avoiding liquors and smoking etc. May you have a healthy and vibrant hair!


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