Some hair loss tips

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Tips on what you can do to optimize the conditions of your hair

The following post discusses some steps you can take to avoid receiving hair transplant.  If you do need a hair transplant, please contact us.  Haarklinikken’s hair loss treatment specialists offer advanced hair transplant surgery and other treatments for hair loss.

    1. Do not put your hair up when it’s wet.
    2. Do not use hot air while blow drying. When the scalp ”discovers” the heat, there’s a risk that it produces extra sebum for protection and prevents hair from growing up
    3. Apply hair dyes and styling products (gel, mousse, wax…) to the hair, not to the scalp! Avoid your scalp when you use them.

  1. If you color your hair, then have it colored by one of the stylists Haarklinikken recommends.
  2. Avoid hair extensions that are woven/braided into your hair, since in most cases they create scar tissue. The hair loss may be irreversible.
  3. Get your hair cut on a regular basis.
  4. Stress, significant weight loss in a short time, and eating disorders may negatively affect the hormonal balance and may lead to hair loss, excessive sebum production, and degradation of the hair quality and appearance.
  5. About the diet:
  6. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables.
  7. Get an ample amount of protein (especially pay attention to this if you are vegetarian).
  8. 6 from example. Eat healthy fats (Omega 3 from fish, -6 from cold pressed rapeseed oil and -9 from cold pressed extra virgin olive oil)
  9. Drink eight 8 – ounce glasses of water every day

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