I found out about Hårklinikken when I accidentally came across their website on the web. I was very skeptical about hair transplants and “miracle methods” which would be able to get my hair back. But it awoke my interest when I saw before and after pictures of previous results on the website. I decided therefore to call Hårklinikken where I spoke with Lars Skjøth . Lars told me that he could not say whether he could help me through a phone, but if I felt like I was welcome to visit him and the clinic in Copenhagen. Only then would he be able to give me an assessment of my situation. I pondered the situation for a few weeks and decided then to give it a try and visit Hårklinikken.

The visit was very positive. Partly because I felt that the answers I got to my questions were very honest. There was no grand gestures or high-flown promises of hair like Brian Laudrup. I got an update on my hair loss and an assessment of what results I could expect and an estimate on what I should expect that it would cost.

Rasmus new look

My Old Me Again

I must be honest and say that I think it was a lot of money, and I turned it down for the free appraisal and said that I would go home and think about it. It took three weeks where I pondered the pros and cons, I was never contacted by Hårklinikken to press ahead with a decision, I felt that it was 100% my own decision.

The whole process and the before/after results I had seen did that my skepticism was less, I had often looked myself in the mirror and fun thinking of what I thought would not give to get it there quietly disappeared back. So I decided to give it a try and have made the operation and start Hårklinikken extract treatment. A decision I have never regretted.

Hair Transplants Changed My Life

My Life Has Changed

It rolled a little joy tear; the operation foreløb broadly painless and the doctor and his assistant seemed very competent and trustworthy. I was nervous when I came in the morning, but when the surgery was first started I relaxed quickly. We held a break in the middle of the day where I got a hearty lunch and afternoon I spent watching a James Bond film, the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Late in the afternoon, I went into the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror when the surgery was done, I must admit that rolled a little joy tear, I had not dreamed it would look so natural out immediately, and the face I replied suddenly consistent with my 26 years instead of the somewhat older looking my hair loss gradually had given me.

I had chosen to be open about my hair transplant at my workplace, how I had taken a week’s vacation afterwards. It looked so natural that I chose to go to work again already after 2 days, there was no reason to stay home and I felt really good with the result, if you did not know it could simply did not see what happened. My colleagues were curious, but all incredibly positive about the outcome.

My hair is very important for my life. The surgery gave my confidence a boost properly and I was motivated to also do something about the now rather too many kilos which had set itself in recent years. 9 months later I completed an Ironman in Copenhagen as # 71 out of 2000 participants several of whom were professionals. Running across the finish line was a joy culmination of the many things that had happened in my life over the past 9 months. I have lost 14kg, hairs from the surgery is all grown great, I’m in better shape than I ever dreamed was possible. My next goal is to qualify for the World Championships in Hawaii over the next coming years. All together I’m incredibly happy. But what makes me most happy is that I can see that large areas of the mind before when I was incredibly thin hair and when I have not been operated new hair, but instead dealt with Hårklinikken extract. There are now suddenly full of life, my hair is getting closer and closer and I feel that my previous Arches moon to be hard to see the day.

This means extremely much for me to see that also extract works because I have found out that my hair has a great impact on my life in general. Therefore, it means a lot to me to ensure that the next several years. My treatment at Hårklinikken has changed my life dramatically, and it has been the best investment I’ve ever made. I have chosen to come forward and tell my story because I do not think that there are very many who are aware that hair loss is actually something you can do something about.

-Rasmus Gronbek

Hair transplants before and after

Before, After 3 months and After 12 months