Sylvie After

Sylvie After

I’ve got my confidence back
the feeling of gratitude, joy and relief goes all the way from the heart and stomach and right out to the ends. It can be seen, but words can not describe what Lars has given me back. It is my self-esteem, my confidence, my charisma and my hair.

Not to sound like the final scene from an American hogwash film, I still have thin hair , but it’s nothing compared to the 1 ½ years ago. I am no longer nervous about whether people can now see my thin hair.The twinge of fear that sat in the stomach every time the eyes of others moved anywhere near the top of my head are now gone. The places where hair is thinnest is much easier to hide and therefore I am not so worried anymore. 

The day I really knew it had worked, was when a fellow student asked if I had not had much more hair.“JO! can you see it? “I came to cry spontaneously and probably a little too high. It was SO cool! So it was not just Lars and I think that it went well: O)

Sylvie Before

Sylvie BEfore