The treatment process

Hair Loss Treatment ProcessThe preliminary examination
Before the preliminary examination, the client will be asked to fill out a questionnaire on Hårklinikken’s website. If a client does not have access to the internet, the client may request to have the forms mailed.

Commencing treatment at the clinic
At this stage Hårklinikken renders its final diagnosis by examining the scalp, hair type, amount of hair, hair quality, and patterns in any hair loss. Furthermore, we examine the scalp’s production of tallow, its flexibility, blood circulation… Apart from recording journals, we provide instructions for the use of our products and compile an extract and shampoo that the client can take home and initiate the treatment.

The second consultation at the clinic
Three to four weeks after the first consultation, Hårklinikken follows up on the results and examines the client. In our experience, adjusting the diet in conjunction with specific supplements can make a significant difference in connection with disorders of the hair and scalp.

The continuing process
The treatment’s first part is the most intensive. The client treats the scalp every day or every second day, applying the extract and then washing with the specified shampoo. The treatment’s intensity is gradually scaled down during the treatment process. In the end, the client can maintain the result with just one weekly treatment, and may choose to come in for a yearly check- up and adjustment.

The length of the treatment varies from individual to individual, as it depends on the nature of the problem and the client’s own effort.

The client must expect expenses of around $58-$78 per month during the most intensive phase, when treatments are carried out daily. Hereafter, the expenses will be reduced as the treatment is scaled down.

A typical treatment process is as follows:

  • Daily treatment: 3- 4 months
  • Treatment every second day: 4- 6 months
  • Treatment twice a week: 6 months
  • Hereafter, maintenance treatments once or twice every week
  • During the preliminary examination, each client will receive an estimate of their treatment process.