Who is eligible

The key to a successful hair transplantation is first and foremost to only select individuals who are suitable candidates for hair transplantation. The three main factors that we take into account when we assess a person’s suitability for hair transplantation are:

    1. Person’s age

Individuals who are too young with advanced hair loss are usually not suitable for hair transplantation.

When hair loss is too advanced our goal is to stop the hair loss and improve the existing hair. Hårklinikken targets and personalizes treatment for the reconstruction of the hair to create a more solid foundation. When the quality of hair has been improved and the hair loss stabilized a hair transplant may be considered.

    1. The size of the area that is thinned out and donor hair

The donor area and the site of transplantation must be of a size that will provide hair density for a natural look.

    1. Scalp condition

There are certain scalp conditions (psoriasis, eczema…) which are not recommended for hair transplantation. The conditions may result in a poor procedure and/or worsening of the scalp condition. Hårklinikken will often be able to implement an effective treatment for these saclp conditions so that a hair transplant procedure may be able to be performed after treatment.

We take great pride in the work performed by the physicians and their assistants! It is based on commitment, interest, and focus on creating the best possible outcome for the patient. At Hårklinikken clinics patient can be sure that the providers are experienced professionals!

Dr. George Zontos has performed thousands of procedures and has achieved international acclaim, including in the United States. Dr. Zontos has been described by other hair transplant physicians

as a grandmaster with magical hands and artistic qualities that surpasses others