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Haarklinikken AE for effective, non-invasive, natural-looking hair transplants.

Tearing your hair out over your hair loss? We understand your frustration. If your hair is thinning and falling out, youve probably tried every remedy you could find. Chances are, youve also been disappointed with the results. So now youre willing to take radical action and consider getting hair transplants. But youre still not 100% certain, are you? Those before-and-after pictures they show in commercials dont look real. Theyre probably models, anyway. Or you may know people with hair plugs that look so unnatural they make their appearance worse, not better.

We appreciate that hair transplants can seem like a big step and a giant risk.

Follicular Unit Extraction method of hair transplants

Take that step with confidence. With Haarklinikken AE.

Haarklinikken AE is proud to offer you a better, faster, less-invasive and more effective type of hair transplants. Our system works even when prior hair transplant surgeries have failed. Our method harnesses nature+ science in a technique pioneered by Dr. Lars Skojth, the founder of Haarklinikken.

Like all Haarklinikken hair loss treatments and hair restoration treatments, our hair transplantation method is radically different — and much more natural than any other method you may have tried. What else would you expect from the internationally recognized expert in the treatment of androgenetic hair loss Some 42,000 clients at Haarklinikken clinics in Europe, the United States and now the Middle East have successfully restored their hair through Haarklinikken. Thats 42,000 people who once suffered from thinning hair — just like you.

FUE Donor Site

FUE Donor Site

What can Haarklinikken hair restoration do for you?

Haarklinikkens less invasive, more natural hair transplantation method works. It is ideal for clients who have given up hope of ever having a full head of healthy vibrant hair again. But you dont have to be an advanced case to qualify for hair transplants. Based on your personal hair/scalp analysis, we may determine that hair transplants will be the best restorative measure and the best prophylactic treatment to prevent further loss. Depending on the pattern and cause of your thinning hair, your ideal treatment may require Hair Transplants. Very likely, youll benefit from our revolutionary Haarklinikken Density Improvement Program (DIP). DIP incorporates our natural herbal extract hair restoration therapy along with hair transplantation.

Strip Site Before and After

Strip Site, 6 Months Post-Op

Natural looking, less invasive hair transplants using FUE

At the forefront of hair restoration technology for 35 years, Haarklinikken is famous for pioneering and perfecting the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplants. Unlike some clinics and treatment methods that only work on men, Haarklinikken offers effective Hair Restoration with hair transplants to both women and men, at all stages of hair thinning and hair loss.

Top 5 reasons people reject the idea of hair transplants:

  1. They look almost as fake as a bad toupee
  2. They dont fill in the bald spots evenly or completely
  3. The surgery is painful
  4. Recovery time is too long
  5. The surgery leaves unsightly scars

We agree that conventional hair transplants often leave a lot to be desired. Traditional hair transplants are based on extracting hair follicles along a thin strip.

Follicles are individually separated under a microscope with no (or very little) transection of the hair follicles.

The Haarklinikken hair transplant method counters each of these patient objectives. We have replaced old methods with our minimally invasive, patient-friendly, natural and gentle hair restoration procedure. The result is completely natural-looking hair restoration with shorter recovery time.

Why Haarklinikkens hair transplantation system is the best available — anywhere?

The secret to our revolutionary hair restoration through hair transplants is a harvesting/implant procedure we call the Haarklinikken Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplantation process. Instead of strips, we work with follicular units of hair (1 to 4 hairs). Instead of long slits, Haarklinikken hair transplant surgeons make a tiny cut in the skin around each follicular unit to remove the FU from the scalp. Individual follicular units are collected and harvested with other units until the surgeon has enough hairs for transplantation.

FUE is not appropriate for everyone, because both the hairs and the scalp must be FUE compatible. However, clients who elect to have FUE hair transplants are very, very pleased with both the procedure and the restorative results. Not only do they heal faster, they are up and active again shortly after the procedure.

Is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplantation for you?

Theres an easy way to find out. Contact Haarklinikken today for your complimentary hair/scalp analysis. Take the first step toward restoring your hair to vibrancy. Let a Haarklinikken AE Hair Restoration Professional custom-tailor a treatment plan for you. Find out if your hair loss/scalp condition is treatable with Haarklinikken hair restoration herbal therapy, with FUE hair transplantation, or with our Density Improvement Program (DIP). As previously noted, we prescribe the treatment plan with the best prognosis for your individual results. We dont accept all clients into our hair transplantation program only those whose hairs and scalps are FUE compatible. If we determine that Haarklinikken FUE Hair Transplants will benefit you, congratulations! Get ready for your transformation to a thicker, healthier head of hair!

Click here to determine if youre a good candidate for our FUE hair transplantation program or other hair restoration therapy. Schedule your complimentary hair and scalp analysis with Haarklinikken AE.

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